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Welcome to Hotel el Ejecutivo.

It is an honor for us to be host during your visit.

In the following pages you will find a practical guide to the hotel ́s facilities and services and to help your stay with us to be a more pleasant and comfortable one. Thank you for choosing us. Our behalf of all our staff and me personally, we wish you a very warm welcome!


General Manager

Check In & Check Out

Check in time is at 15:00 hrs. Check out time is 12:00 noon.

After this time and until 06:00 PM there will be a charge of half rent; After 06:00 PM the rent of the room will be charged full.

Safe deposit Box

Our Rooms have a safe deposit box, you can find it in your closet. We recommend you to save your valuable items inside the box. The Hotel will not be responsible for any object lost or damaged that is not saved in the safe deposit box.

Luggage Storage

If you require this service the Hotel will keep your luggage in storage without charge. Please dial 0
Smoke Free Hotel

Preventive Care COVID-19

Vía SMS with the word COVID-19 to this number 51515

Web site: covid19.cdmx.gob.mx

If you want wake up call Service, the front desk will take the time you need to be awake, please dial  0

Phone calls:

Local and national long distance calls, dial 9 , without charge.

International long distance cost : $ 18.00 MXN per minute, please request at front desk.

Medical Service:

In case of emergency we have external service.

*$1,000 MXN

The price includes Tax

Your room has direct Access to internet without extra charge, the network is open and appear with the name : Hotel el ejecutivo.

User: Hotel el ejecutivo

Password: ejecutivo

Businnes center:

In the business center you have access to Pc´s with internet. This service is free to all our guests 24 hrs a day.


We have this daily service , please request before 09:00 hrs. and will be delivered the same day in the evening. Sunday and holidays there are not service. Please dial 0 , to ask for bag and laundry list.

Dry cleaning service
dry cleaning service

Transportation Service:

We have a taxi option and ejecutive  transportation that provides service 24 hours at day , please dial 0.


Emotion  Restaurant:

Is the ideal place in order to taste our delicious Buffet Breakfast with a great variety of dishes served in your table, natural juice , fruit , cereals , and also enjoy of an excellent environment in our modern restaurant, we are open every day from 07:00 am to 12:00 pm Ext. 116

Sens station:

It has a great cocktail variety , aperitives , coffees and snacks, you could taste in our cafeteria. Sens or also to have a great time in our terrace , we wait all the days from 12:00 to 22:00 hrs. Ext. 119

Room Service:

For your comformity we invite you to order from your room service, all the days from 13:00 to 23:00 hrs. Please add 15% of your service in your account. Ext. 116 and 119






























































ART. ILEGAL REGIME. The relationships produced by the accommodation services provided to the clients or guests of this establishment, will be governed by the Commercial Legislation and additionally by the applicable Civil Legislation, the General Tourism Law and its Regulations, as well as the Commercial Establishment Operation Law in Mexico City and the current NOM-010-TUR-2001. These provisions are considered mandatory, acknowledged and accepted by the client and the common uses and practices governing this matter at this city will also be applied.

ART. II. GUEST REGISTRATION AND IDENTIFICATION. The passenger or guest has the mandatory obligation to register by personally completing the Guest Registration card or book. When the guests are a previously booked group, their representative will fill the Registration Cards or will submit Lists that comply with the requirements. The company will deny accommodation to the guest who does not comply with this requirement and is authorized to demand the requestor’s identification and that of the persons accompanying him/her, if considered appropriate.

ART. III. ACCOMODATION TIME. The passenger, in agreement with the company, will specify in the registration card the number of days he/she will be staying at the hotel. The accommodation agreement establishes a unit of time as the duration of one day expiring at twelve hours, of every day. There will be a 60 minute tolerance.

ART. IV. GUEST OBLIGATIONS. PAYMENT OF THE RATE. It is the guest’s obligation to pay for the accommodation service, daily and in advanced, or when required by the hotel or according to the company, the guest may guarantee the payment to the hotel by signing a promissory note (voucher) from a credit card accepted by the hotel. The passenger who, on the day of his/her departure, vacates the room after 12:00 hours established in the previous article, is obliged to pay the accommodation rate corresponding to another day. The lack of payment by the guest will cause the termination of the lodging service and the hotel may use public force to demand and force the guest to vacate the room, being entitled to retain the luggage as collateral in the terms established by article 2669 of Mexico City’s Civil Code, through a detailed inventory of the guest’s belongings with the signature of two unionized hotel employees and two non-union employees. The above, not in contravention with the provisions in articles 230 and 231, Section IV of the current Mexico City’s Criminal Code.

ART. V. OTHER OBLIGATIONS.- It is strictly prohibited for the guests to: A) Make annoying noises, cause disturbances, bring musicians, bring pets and, in general, perform any act that disturbs or bothers other guests. B) Use the rooms to play games of chance prohibited by law or hold meetings with the purpose to disturb the public order or to breach the current laws or regulations. C) Use the electric power or mechanical equipment installed in the room for unintended purposes. D) Damage the furniture, decoration or property by using them for unintended purposes. E) Perform any act that causes losses or damages to the hotel or other guests, or that is against proper and social behavior. The company reserves the right to terminate the accommodation service when the aforementioned prohibitions are violated, having the causative guest of these no right to a reduction of the debt for the accommodation or services rendered, with the obligation to pay for damages or losses caused by his/her conduct. F) In accordance with the issuance of the non-smokers health protection law of Mexico City, IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO SMOKE within the premises of this establishment. G) In accordance with the provisions indicated as hygiene measures for the prevention of COVID-19, the hotel hygiene protocol must be followed according to article 159 of the Criminal Code for the Federal District.

ART. VI. If the room key is an electronic card, the guest will be responsible of it. No people different from those registered may be lodged in his/her room, and in any case, previous notice must be given to management regarding any changes in the number and ID of the people originally registered. Under no case, may the number of guests in each room be larger than the capacity allocated by the company to each room.

ART. VII. It is the obligation of the guests to report to the hotel management any infectious diseases or afflictions, death, breaches or felonies that occur at the establishment of which he/she is aware of, in order for the company to, in turn, take appropriate measures and report them promptly to the authority, as applicable.

ART. VIII. HOTEL OBLIGATIONS. Through this agreement to provide accommodation services, the hotel commits to comply with what has been expressly agreed to, in accordance with the type of accommodation and rules regarding the existing uses and practices at this city and pursuant to applicable laws and regulations.

ART. IX. HOTEL RESPONSIBILITIES. The hotel will answer only as a depository of those values, money, jewelry, and other property left by the guests at the hotel management for their deposit and which have been received as such by hotel staff authorizing this and issuing a corresponding written receipt, which have been safekept at the safety box. Under no event will the values be handed to a person different to the depositor.

ART. X. In order to comply with the provisions of the official standard NOM O7 TUR 2002, we hereby notify you that the hotel has a valid civil liability insurance which covers damages to third parties regarding their property and themselves.

ART. XIMISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS. The company does not authorize access to rooms occupied by guests to any person who has not been previously and expressly authorized by the client, and reserves the right to not allow visitors in the room.

Company representatives or people providing services regarding the accommodation, will have free access to the room(s) occupied by the client(s). Visits, registrations, inspections, and other procedures intended to be conducted inside the rooms by the authorities in the exercise of their roles, will be conducted in strict compliance with the constitutional guarantees. Children must not leave the room on their own, nor walk through the hotel corridors or public areas or services when unaccompanied by an adult. Safety measures have been implemented in the establishment for the prevention of fires and accidents.

The hotel is not liable for services and the price of services provided by different parties not related to the hotel, such as: taxis, medical service, tourist guides, and, in general, all those people not payed by the hotel. People who wish to temporarily leave the establishment and keep the rented room at their disposal, must pay in advance the amount of the rent for the time of absence. Having missed the due date for the payment, the manager will proceed in compliance with articles III and IV of these regulations. When guests leave for more than 72 hours without previous notice to the management, the company may terminate the accommodation agreement, as applicable, and the luggage will be collected as provided in the following article, except in the event the real value of the guest’s luggage does not guarantee the outstanding balance. Under these circumstances, the accommodation may be terminated when the guest has been absent for more than 24 hours.

ART. XII. LUGGAGE AS A GUARANTEE. Luggage and other property introduced by guests into the establishment will be considered property of the person being registered and may be preferentially used to remedy all debt resulting from accommodation, complimentary services and other purchases made by the people included in the corresponding registration, when accepted by this purpose by the hotel. All these goods may be withheld as pledged property by the company pursuant to the principle stated in article IV of these regulations, and, when applicable, execute the pledge after thirty days from the date when the bill should have been paid, through the sale of the luggage by an authorized public broker.


BOOKINGS. These will be construed as a “room reservation”, as an accommodation preparatory agreement perfected when the company accepts and provides written confirmation of the guest’s request, and the latter ractifies his/her request in compliance with the assigned obligations, unless otherwise agreed, the deposit in advance of the fees for the requested accommodation, in the terms provided by the hotel will be understood as requirements necessary for completing the booking. When the deposit that guarantees the booking is made through money order, bank, telegraph or any other kind of remittance, acceptance of the deposits conditioned to the existence of available accommodation at the hotel at the time of receipt of said deposit. The company will be free to assign them to other clients. If for reasons beyond the control of the company, the hotel has no possibility to respond to a guest booking, it will try to provide accommodation for the guest at any other hotel company of a similar category.

CANCELLATIONS. Guests cancelling their individual booking are entitled to a reimbursement of any deposit made when said cancellation is made known to the hotel company more than 24 hours before the committed date. The guest who makes no use of the accommodation on the booked date or does not notify the company of the cancellation at least 24 hours in advance, will forfeit the deposit, except when for considerations of equity, the company estimates a lesser amount for damages. In the event of bookings of five or more rooms, an agreement covering any event, will be executed by both parties.

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