Sens Menu


Chef's salad 160gr

(lettuce,tomato,chicken,olive,hard boiled egg,ham,cheese and house dressing)


Tuna Salad 160gr


Caesar Salad 160gr

(traditional salad with croutons, parmesan cheese and classic dressing)



Xochitl Broth 225 ml


Tlalpeño Broth 225 ml


Tortilla soup 225 ml



Wings to taste (250 gr)

(bbq, mango, habanero, buffalo)


Arrachera Baguette (120 gr)

served with french fries.


Club Sandwich (140 gr)

served with french fries.


Classic Hamburger (180 gr)

served with french fries.


French fries (180 Gr)



Alfredo pasta 180 gr

(with cream, ham and parmesan cheese)


Pasta Al burro 180 gr

(with butter and parmesan)


Arrachera Norteña (200 gr)

(beans, roasted nopal, green onions, chorizo and chiles toreados)


Mediterranean Salmon (200gr)

(served with creamy rice and Mediterranean sauce)


Portobello breast (180 gr)

(served with sautéed vegetables with fine herbs and tomato sauce)


Winter breast (180 gr)

(accompanied by salad and rice)


Rib Eye (250 gr)

(served with french fries or roasted cactus, onions and chiles toreados)


Golden Chicken Tacos (120 gr)

(served with lettuce, cream, cheese and beans)


Enchiladas to taste (150 gr)

(Swiss, mole, green, served with rice)



Gobernador style shrimp tacos(140 gr)

(Shrimp with guajillo chile marinade, purple cabbage, Mexican sauce and chipotle dressing)


Grilled Chicken Tacos (200 gr)

(Accompanied by Nopal, Chorizo and Onions)


Beef Wire, Chicken and Cutlet (220 Gr)


Grilled Tacos Bistek (200 gr)

(Accompanied by Nopal, Chorizo and Onions)


Grilled Tacos with Pork Chop (200 gr)

(Accompanied with Nopal, Chorizo and Onions)



Crepes the Executive (120 gr)

(served with banana or strawberry and covered with chocolate or cajeta)


Tres Marías ice cream (120 gr)

(with whipped cream and chocolate)


Peaches with rompope (120 gr)

(one peach per half with a shot of rompope)


Chocolate volcano (100 gr)

(Baked chocolate cake with marmalade and fruits)



Canned soft drink (355 ml)


Beer (355 ml)


Bottle with water (600 ml)


American Refill Coffee (250 ml)